In order to give you a better experience, we are renovating our website. However, please note that the data mentioned on the website is still being updated. For accurate and upto date information, please contact our team at
In order to give you a better experience, we are renovating our website. However, please note that the data mentioned on the website is still being updated. For accurate and upto date information, please contact our team at
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Capital City is a self-contained integrated business district, strategically located at the beginning of Noida-Greater Noida expressway. The vision is not just to match world standards, but to set a benchmark for the world to follow. This unique business district offers seamless fusion of work and leisure. It promises state-of-the-art office spaces, premium residences, global retail outlets, and a five star deluxe hotel, all in one place. In short, it’s a perfectly integrated business district. 

At 14.17 acres, Capital City is a one of its kind development in NCR.


  • India’s first design district; Will host an array of activities like pop up fairs,food fest’s and art shows by upcoming and established artists.
  • An environment dedicated to showcase creativity from across Industries -Art, F&B, Music, etc. filled with buzzing activities.
  • Members only club with in-house swimming pool, business centre and anexclusive restaurant.
  • Walking distance from existing metro station.
  • Three separate entry and exits for easy access to the site.



Columns are typically of size 1100 x 1100 mm with sizes going up to 1100 x 1400 mm in the lower floors and basements.


Seismic loads are as per IS1893 – the structure isdesigned as per the zoneapplicable. (Zone IV)


The Main Feeder will be of 33 KVand the scope shall include 33 KV metering cubicle, 33 KV Single panel, 33 KV 4 panel board33KV/433 V Dry type Transformer, LT panel with necessary cabling and bus ducts. Servicing &commissioning of power withnecessary approvals from theauthorities.


3 x 2000 KVA of 33KV/433Vtransformers of have been providedas per design. The EmergencyDiesel Generator power back upshall be provided and the methodof changeover shall be automaticand auto load sharing DieselGenerators of suitable capacitywith redundancy.


  • As per ASHRAE 62.1 – 2007
  • Suitably designed chillers withredundancy (3x450 TR+1configuration) shall be provided


  • Addressable type fire detectionand alarm system has beenplanned with Photo Electric sensortype smoke detectors in all areasincluding office & common areaswith manual call points & hooters.
  • Automatic Sprinkler system havebeen designed & installed withsprinklers in office and parkingareas


  • 12 nos passenger lifts (MITSUBISHI) for upper floors, 4 nos transferlifts from basements to ground floor and 2 nos service lifts have beenprovided. The 12 nos passenger lifts from ground to upper floorswork with access card destination control system with a speed of2.5 mps for an efficient and faster handling of traffic.
  • The passenger elevators shall be grouped and synchronized to workin tandem.
  • The speed of the lift shall be a minimum of 2.5 Meters/second withvariable frequency drive motors & Automatic Rescue Device.
  • Average wait interval would be 40.7 seconds for core 1 lifts; 44.3seconds for core 2 lifts; 13.4 seconds core 3 & 4.


The Main entrance lobby andelevator lobby at ground floor isof Double / Triple floor height / orsingle floor height as per design.All materials and finishes in theseareas to be of high quality andsuitable for potentially high levelsof pedestrian traffic.


Suitable surveillance system shallbe provided for each buildingwith a minimum of 30 days datastorage. The CCTV shall coverentry & exit points.


The areas around the building willbe provided with secured GI sheetfencing to isolate the construction areas from occupied buildings.


The walls of the lift lobbies shall beclad with Italian marble of chosencolour and pattern, the jambsaround the lift doors shall be inbronze color metal cladding finish.The flooring of the lift lobbies shall be marble laid to pattern. Falseceiling will be in gypsum and paintto pattern as architects detail and necessary services shall beprovided / as per design.


The complete campus will beinterconnected with pedestrianpathways. The pedestrianwalkways shall be finished withconcrete cobble stones/granitestones as per landscape design.


All Roads and Lanes will beprovided with external light polesof height between 3 Meters to 8Meters. They will be located andinstalled to ensure properillumination on driveways.Lighting will also be providedalong pedestrian walkways andalso accent lighting forlandscape spaces.


The signage will include but not limited tosignage at entrance from Outer Ring Road,project signage, block signage, floorsignage, project directory, block directory,floor directory, directional signage, safety &informative signage All external directionalsignage shall be permanent in nature withsuitable light fixtures. The internal signageincluding floor directory, safety, anddirectional, informative shall also be of permanent in nature.


The entire project is being built &certified for minimum LEED / IGBCGold rated certification for core &shell. All requirements for achievingthe above green buildingcertification to be met with inaddition to the above specifications.

Payment Plan

Floor Plan

Fourth and Twelve Floor

Fourth and Twelve Floor

Fifth to Thirteen Floor

Fifth to Thirteen Floor

Seventh Floor

Seventh Floor

Eight Floor

Eight Floor

Site Plan

This detailed site plan explains the scope of the project and highlights the layout of its prominent features and facilities.

Site Plan

Site Plan


  • Airports
  • Bank/ATMs
  • Hospitals
  • Bus Stations
  • Train Stations
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Movie Theaters
  • Night Clubs
  • Grocery Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Shopping Malls
  • RERA Registration No


    Capital City



    The single over-riding value proposition of Capital City is that it is futuristic. It is at least two decades in the future and on a completely new threshold for every parameter of measurement. Nothing like this has been planned or exists in India. It is remarkable, it is a pioneer, it is truly grand. BPTP Capital City is an unrivalled project which will not just raise the bar, it will re-define the definition of class-A commercial projects. The sheer size and scale is awe inspiring. 1.5 million square feet (approx.) of Grade A office development, 1 million square feet (approx.) of retail developmentand 0.7 million sq. ft. (approx.) of premium residential space. A property designed for the first time outside the United States by the celebrated Robert A.M. Stern (RAMSA) architects. Capital City, Noida is further accentuated by its core value propositions: 

    i) Location: In the realty, business the three things which define all others are location, location and location. Capital City is situated on the fulcrum of New Delhi, NOIDA and Greater NOIDA. It lies a mere kilometer away from the border of New Delhi, at the start of the NOIDA-Greater NOIDA Expressway. The project is in close proximity to the central business district, upmarket residential areas, established retail hubs and a proposed airport. Being off the Expressway and on the junction of New Delhi and its eastern suburbs, Capital City is most prominently located. 

    ii) Connectivity: The NOIDA-Greater NOIDA Expressway, arterial roads connecting Jasola and MayurVihar in New Delhi, and the NOIDA sub-city intersect the location of Capital City. The upcoming Metro rail link, underpass at Sector 44 and the clover leaf flyover on KalindiKunjmarg promises to further augment the connectivity, making it the best connected location in the National Capital Region.

    iii) Integrated Ecosystem: While planning Capital City and as we execute that plan, everything will be created as a self-sufficient micro-verse. Every conceivable aspect of modern living has been addressed- work, leisure, entertainment, accommodation, ‘retail therapy’ as well as spa facilities. With state-of-the-art conference facilities, concierge services, Internet that is viral, all aspects of conducting business effectively have been covered at Capital City.

    iv) Sustainability: As a responsible and ecologically-aware project, Capital City is sensitive towards the environment. A lot of investment in terms of thought, design and execution has gone into ensuring that usage of natural resources is minimal and largely recycled. This means that we meet or exceed standards on water consumption, harvesting, and water re-cycling, waste disposal, green cover and all consumption of resources is conspicuous in terms of optimal use. This sensitivity towards nature ensures that Capital City passes green capital to the community, today as well as tomorrow. 

    In addition to this, the project has been designed in strict compliance of guidelines and meets or exceeds seismic strength standards and NBC norms. 

    v) Interactive and Intelligent Design: Capital City is not just future proof, it is also present perfect. Careful design means an optimization of everything. Traffic, for instance. Vehicular traffic will never be stationed on common areas nor will it hold up flow. From the time one arrives to the time one departs the campus, the vehicle will be directed tomedians which direct it to drop passengers and move towards the underground bays. These are designed for exponentially larger number of vehicles to be stationed for different durations at different times. Pedestrian traffic too, is conceived along a system of guiding it along a predetermined and best positioned pathway depending on the destination. From markets, walkwaysand signage to the positioning of facilities, common areas and designated space usage, sharp focus has been laid on people andthe optimization of their valuable time.

    Capital City promises to set new benchmarks in the urban commercial and retail centre sector.

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