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  1. Corrigendum Ad
  2. Corrigendum Ad - April 18, 2024

  3. Letter of Intent for grant of licence for setting up of Residential Group Housing over an area measuring 3.45 acres (after migration from licence no. 162 of 2008 dated 19.08.2008 granted for setting up IT park over an area measuring 5.02 acres) in addition to licence no. 31 of 2008 dated 18.02.2008 in the revenue estate of village Maidawas, Sector-66,Gurugram- Countrywide Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Tribune NCR - 09.4.2024

    Tribune Chandighar - 09.4.2024

    Pioneer Today - 09.4.2024

    Daink Tribune Hindi - 09.4.2024

  5. Grant of additional licence for setting up Residential plotted Colony over an additional area measuring 9.903 acres (in addition to licence no 58 of 2010 dated 03.08.2010 and licence No. 45 of 2011 dated 17.05.2011 &,41 of 2021 dated 23.07.2O21 granted for Residential Plotted Colony over anarea measuring 133.70525 acres) in sector- 102, Gurugram -Countrywide Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
  6. The Pioneer - 22.3.2024

    The Tribune Chandigarh - 22.03.2023

    The Tribune DNCR - 22.03.2023

    The Danik Tribune DNCR - 22.03.2023

    Approved Plan

    Approved Layouts

    Provisional Approved

    Provisional Approved

  7. Grant of additional licence for setting up of Residential plotted Colony over an additional area measuring 3.8375 acres (in addition to licence no.30 of. 2010 & 12 of 2012) totalling area measuring 156.8105 acres falling in the revenue estate of village Nimka in sector-77 & 78, Faridabad. being developed by BPTP Parklands Pride Ltd. (earlier known as New Age Town Planners Pvt. Ltd.)
  8. The Pioneer DOR - 21.03.2024

    The Tribune Chandigarh DOR - 21.03.2024

    The Tribune Haryana DOR - 21.03.2024

    Danik Tribune Hindi DOR - 21.03.2024

    Approved Plan

    Already Approved

    Provisional Approved

    Provisional Approved

  9. Grant of Occupation Certificate for EWS block falling in Group Housing measuring 13.187 Acres in sector-77, Faridabad. being developed by M/s Countrywide Promoters Pvt Ltd.
  10. Danik Tribune Haryana - 3-03-2024

    Pioneer - 3-03-2024

    Tribune Delhi, NCR - 3-03-2024

    Approved Plan

    Site Plan

    Floor Plan

    As Built

    Area Detail

    Floor Plan

    Site Plan

    Note :-
    • EWS BLOCK-1 is relocated from its position towards East side boundary (with in the same portion of plot), leaving the setback as per requirement.
    • Unit design modified, but area of unit as required kept the same.
    • The number of units in EWS Block-1 as per sanction plan is 120 from ground to fifth floor, having 20 units per floor. At present 76 units have been constructed, 12 units per floor from ground to fifth floors+4 units on sixth floor

    The above changes have resulted in an amendment of the building plan.

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